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Optimus Farm Fee Schedule

Sport Horse Evaluation: includes watching horse under current owner if for sale, watching horse under prospective buyer, riding of horse by Tootie, consultation about feed and supplements, as well as how to safely bring horse into the kind of work you want him or her to do:
$200 (up to 3 hours)

Travel costs (from my home in Bluemont, VA):
$25 for up to 25 miles, $50 for 26 to 50 miles, $75 for 51 to 75 miles one way trip. ***Ask about our multiple horse discount at the same facility or nearby facilities!***

**Please note, Tootie is willing to drive 75 - 300 miles for an additional travel charge, and will fly greater than 300 miles.  Please call for such additional rates.

Sample of Typical Vet charges:
Farm Call: $50 within 20 miles, $100 for 21-55 miles

Pre-Purchase Exam by itself without x-rays: $275 (typically takes less than one hour; current estimated rate for comprehensive PPE with x-rays is ~ $1200)

Lameness exam: $70 (~ 5-10 minutes) - $170 (~ 20-30 minutes)

Digital x-ray (one): $50 - 60

Optimus Farm Physical Therapy (for people) Private Pay Fee List:

Hippotherapy:  Physical Therapy on Horses for Disabled Children
$55 per 30-45 minute session. This includes a horse handler and up to 2 side walkers, if needed and all equipment.

Regular Physical Therapy:  Initial Evaluation: $90 up to one hour (insurance companies typically charge ~ $200)

Treatment: $75 up to one hour (insurance companies typically charge $70-100 per 30 minutes)

Group classes (1 hour):
Fitness, strengthening, stretching, conditioning
Rate:  $14 per person; Minimum Group Rate:  $150 within Jefferson County, CO.  Please inquire about class rates for areas outside of this range.

Combo Treatments:
Start with a Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment; then proceed directly to a riding lesson so you can incorporate the concepts learned from your PT and put them directly into your riding:  $200 (up to 3 hours)

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