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Tootie & She's Got Game aka "Zoe"


 Optimus Farm is a horse farm and Physical Therapy business which often has an imported Irish Sport Horse for sale.  All imported horses will have had clean pre-purchase exams performed in Ireland and are cleared to participate in any horse sport.  We will know the life story of most of these horses from their birth, which is priceless.  Irish Sport Horses are known for their strength, endurance, jumping ability, and intelligence, as well as fantastic temperaments which make them super trainable and safe for amateurs to handle and ride.   Cynthia "Tootie" Anderson has been riding for 38 years, and has very successfully competed through the Preliminary level of eventing on her purebred Irish Draught mare "She's Got Game."  She has also competed at high levels of the hunters, jumpers, and equitation ranks with many accolades to her name.  Combining these skills with a Master of Science degree in Physical Therapy, her 23 years of experience in the field of Physical Therapy, and her ability to "feel" asymmetries in horses before they become outwardly apparent, Tootie loves to select very young, athletic, sound, and safe horses, and bring them up the ranks.  Those who don't quite have the potential to become upper level horses will be placed as competitive low to mid level mounts. 

Champion Horse of the Year at The Prelim-inary Level of Eventing in USEA area IX '15


 Our on site Physical Therapy clinic specializes in hands on "manual" Physical Therapy consisting of Muscle Energy Techniques, Joint Mobilizations, Mobilizations with Movement, Myofascial Release, Jones Strain/Counterstrain, and Semi-Custom Foot orthotics.  This clinic has both a treatment room and a small gym.  We also have the ability to come to your farm for your physical therapy needs as we have a portable treatment table!  Tootie is also available for Hippotherapy sessions (Physical Therapy for disabled children on horses) by special appointment. 

Zoe Was Named Best 3 Day Event Mare In-ternationally, of Her Breed, Irish Draught in 2015


 Tootie's Physical Therapy efforts in 2013 helped Lisa Marie Fergusson of Canada to qualify for the long list for the World Equestrian Games and the Pan American Games in 2014 for 3 day eventing on 3 different horses:  Ferral Errol, Uni Sprite, and Honor Me! This foundation also helped her to make the list of alternates for the 2016 Olympics on Honor Me, as well as the Canadian team for the World Equestrian Games in 2018! Congratulations to Lisa!