Tootie's Equestrian Profile

 Eventing, Combined Training, and Cross Country Experience:  (2006-present).
*Grand Champion: Open Preliminary Horse (5th level) Division, Open Preliminary Rider, Preliminary Amateur Rider, Preliminary Master Amateur Rider, and First Year Preliminary Horse, Central Colorado Chapter (CCC) of    the Mountain States Eventing Association (MSEA), in the United States Eventing Association (USEA) Area IX in   2015 on her $10 rescue horse, "She's Got Game."
*Grand Champion: Preliminary Amateur Rider and Preliminary Master Amateur Rider in the MSEA in 2015.
*Reserve Champion, Open Preliminary Division and Preliminary Master Rider USEA Area IX in 2015.
*Blue Ribbon Award from the USEA from coming in 1st through 3rd place at least three times in a season at the Preliminary level, 2015, despite only competing five times that season.
*An article was written about Tootie and her horse on the USEA website from November 30, 2015 through early December, 2015.  The link is
*In 2015, Tootie's horse, "She's Got Game" was the best performing mare in the world of her breed (Irish Draught) in Three Day Eventing.
*Top 20 finish at the American Eventing Championships (19th) in Tyler, TX, September, 2014.  Horse jumped clear on cross country and was double clear in stadium jumping.
*2nd place Charles Owen Technical Merit Award for Best Cross County Rider at the FEI event at the Colorado Horse Park, August 21-24.  Also came in 2nd place at this event.
*Silver Medal winner at the Training Level of Eventing from the USEA for the competition year 2013.
* Competed with and against many former, present, and potential future Olympians in Training Level Eventing in USEA Area II during the 2013 season.
* Winner of 2012 Salisbury Trust Wealth Advisory Services Sportsmanship Award Sponsorship for eventing in Area I, which encompasses all of NY and the New England states.
* During Tootie and her horse's Training Level debut in October of 2012, they were one of two out of 20 to go double clear in stadium jumping and cross country on a day with poor footing and weather conditions, and came in 4th, despite the rider not being fit due to having had a recent surgery.
* At the time of Tootie's departure from eventing on 7/15/12 due to a non horse related injury and surgery, she and her horse, "She's Got Game" were ranked 11th out of ~ 260 competitors in Area 1 in their division, Novice Adult Amateur.  This placed them in the top 4% of all starters in their division.
* Bronze Medal winner at the Novice level of eventing from the USEA for the competition year 2012.
* Qualifier on October 16, 2011 for Novice Area I Championships and American Eventing Championships for 2012.
* Qualifier on August 22, 2011 for Beginner Novice Area I Championships for 2012.
* Tootie's horse, "She's Got Game," would have placed second in Area I in 2011 for Adult Amateur Beginner Novice eventing with only just 6 competitions in her lifetime had she been registered with the USEA. 
* Silver Medal winner at the Beginner Novice level from the USEA for the competition year 2011.
* Have trained under Lisa Marie Fergusson, long listed for Canadian National Eventing Team, and qualifier for the World Equestrian Games and Pan American Games in 2013 and qualifier for Canadian Olympic Team in 2016 as well as competitor in the World Equestrian Games in 2018; Margaret Hutchinson,  USEA Area I Level II Certified Instructor; Gwen Ka'Awaloa,  judge of our country's best Grand Prix Level Dressage Show, Dressage at Devon, and Grand Prix Dressage Rider and Trainer; and Evelyn Voorhees.
* Have taken Clinics with Sharon White, Martin Douzant, Eric Horgan and Margaret Hutchinson. 
* Served as Trainer / ground person for others who want to school cross country courses, and led course walks for Beginner Novice and Novice level riders.

Hunting and Hunter Pace Experience (2007 to present)
* Hunted with Arapahoe Hunt in Arapahoe, CO and Bijou Springs Hunt, in Kiowa, CO during the fall of 2013.  Received the high honor of being offered "the cape" from Arapahoe Hunt during "hunt week" which encompasses all hunt clubs in the state of CO on November 16, 2013.  Horse consistently rode right next to the field master on every hunt attended during this season.
* Hunted with Norfolk Hunt in MA in 2009.
* Rode with Old Chatham Hunt in NY in 2007-2008.
* Participant in numerous hunter paces and fox hunts 2007-2013.
* Consistent high placings in Adjacent Hunts Series Hunter paces, including at Millbrook, Old Chatham, and Rombout Hunts, 2007-2009.
* Served as Pace Setter for Landsmankill Trail Association’s Hunter Paces.

Hunter/Jumper/Equitation Experience:  (1980-present).
*Took a 5 year old imported horse from his first schooling jumper show at 3' to showing at 1.15M AA jumper classics in less than 2 months time in 2019, despite needing significant surgery to her left hip.
* Active member of the USEF (United States Equestrian Federation).
* Qualified for the Marshall and Sterling Adult Amateur Jumper National Finals (3'6" - 3'9" fence height) during her horse's first jumper show of the season in 2011 and 2012, without a trainer.
* 35 years as a Hunter/Jumper/Equitation competitor, concentrating on Jumpers.  All of this was done on other people's horses from 1984-2007.
* Qualified for Marshall and Sterling National Adult Amateur Jumper Finals in 1999 on a borrowed horse without a trainer.
* Year End Awards of Chester County Horse Shows Association, Chester County, PA in 1998:  2nd for Adult Medal, 2nd for Novice Hunter, 3rd for Adult Hunter.  Placed 5th at Adult Medal Finals.  All of this was completed on a borrowed horse without a trainer.
* Qualified for Capital District Hunter / Jumper Council (CDH/JC) Adult Equitation medal finals 1992.  Placed 7th at finals on a borrowed horse after not having ridden in months.
* 3rd place in the inaugural Marshall and Sterling Childrens Adult Jumper Classic at HITS on the Hudson, 1991 on a borrowed horse.
* Numerous Championships and ribbons at USEF rated shows (formerly known as AHSA) 1984-1991.
* Competed in Junior Jumpers, AHSA Medal (now USEF), ASPCA Maclay, and USET medal classes as a Junior (1984-1991).
* Primary groom for Betsy Geary Joyce at “A” rated shows.  Warmed up her Grand Prix horses.
* Qualified for Regional Maclay Finals 1991 and local junior equitation medal finals 1987-1991.  Placed 8th in CDH/JC local medal Finals 1988.
* Maintained a busy braiding business on the east coast “A” circuit as a Junior.
* Have taken Clinics with Bruce Leland, Ken Whelihan, Betsy Worthington, and Suzanne Reilly.

Versaility Experience (2013).
*Winner of the 2013 National Old People's Riding Club Versatility contest, and the same award in the State of Pennsylvania.  Tootie and her horse, "She's Got Game," won the gambler's choice jumper class at the highest level of competition offered nationally, and came in 4th in pole bending and 5th in barrel racing nationally.  They also won the dressage test and gambler's choice jumper classes out of >20 total entries in PA, and came in second in the western trail, barrel racing, and pole bending classes in PA, despite never having been exposed to the western events prior to that show day! 

Private Business Experience:  (2004 - present)
*Owner of Journey's End Farm:  Ride, train, groom, show, and provide daily farm chores and rehabilitative care for one to four horses.  Order necessary feed, medications, bedding, and equipment.  Provide Sport Horse Evaluations, Lameness Clinics, lessons, and Horse and Rider Evaluations.  Manage two independent contractors as needed.  Prepare re-sales horses for sales.  Have led group trail rides in the MA/NY border.  Perform Physical Therapy on Riders.  Responsible for the financial aspects of the farm.
*Write "Physical Therapy for Riders and their Horses" columns for the Equine Chronicle publication.  Have a great deal of experience driving a 2 horse bumper pull trailer and a 3 horse slant load gooseneck trailer.

Breeding (2002-present).
* Primary Mare Handler for Live Covers and primary Stud Trainer at Trailside Farm, North Adams, MA, 2002.
* Breeding of own mare through artificial insemination, 2009.
* Breeding of Anderson Ranch mares via live cover 2014-2015.
* Breeding of own mare through artificial insemination, 2016.

Colt / Filly / Rescue Starting Under Saddle:  (2004 – Present).
* 5 year old Belgian Warmblood stud, 2 year old home bred American Warmblood mare, 2 year old 
   rescue Paint gelding, 3 year old Quarter Horse mare, 7 year old Trakehner gelding, 8 year 
   old rescue Irish Draught Mare, 7 year old Anglo Arab Gelding.

Natural Horsemanship:  (2004-Present).
* Chosen to work with Monty Roberts at Equine Affaire, West Springfield, MA 2004.
* Attended many clinics by Monty Roberts, Clinton Anderson, John Lyons and Josh
 Lyons.  Adept at teaching their methods to others.

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