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Titus at Swan Lake, 8/17/19, at 1.05 M


Loughnatousa Titus is a recently imported 5 year old tall dark and handsome 16.3  hand Black Irish Sport Horse.  He is registered with Horse Sport Ireland and comes with the coveted “green book” passport for Irish Sport Horses.  He is actually 75% German WB, as his sire Cabriole, is a registered Westphalian, and both of his grandsires as well as one of his grand dam’s are Oldenburg/Hanoverian/ Holsteiner.  He is out of Ballycapple Merry Breeze who is an approved ISH mare.  Titus is as flashy and fancy as can be and is nothing short of a “sweet ride.”

Titus was shown on 5/11/19 in his first show here in the states, and was Reserve Champion in the AA Jumpers, winning the first class.  Then life got in the way, and he did not compete again until he competed in his first hunter show on 7/28/19 with excellent results, including winning the Adult Medal Class.   His first USEF recognized show was on 8/3/19, during which he competed in some 1.0M jumper classes, coming in 3rd once and 5th twice in a division of 12 horses.  I never had him go fast at all, as I wanted his first experience at a recognized show to be a good one, but he sure did turn on a dime and jump fences on some serious angles when I asked him to.   

Titus at Ludwig's Corner, 09/2/2019


He was in his second rated jumper show on 8/17/19, with a successful move up to 1.05M.  The reason he was not shown in the 1.10M jumpers was that he had sustained a wound 2 weeks prior for which he needed a week off from work to allow it to heal.  He also had not been jumped in the 2 weeks prior to that show, so I thought it would be rather unfair to move him up 2 levels under those conditions.  In his next show on 9/2/19, which was full of atmosphere and huge competitive classes, as well as torrential downpours and challenging footing, he made the successful move up to 1.10M, making it 3 consecutive shows in a row he moved up in jump height and in class.   On 9/7/19, he competed in his first recognized show at 1.10M, winning the first class, and he was Champion of the High AA Jumper division.  On 9/13/19, he came in 5th and 6th in a division of 18 horses in the High AA Jumper division, and successfully moved up to 1.15M in the AA jumper Classic there.

I could see his brightest future being a Big Eq horse or a hunter derby horse, as he is quite handy with the tighter turns, has a very adjustable stride, has no problems jumping the height of a small house, and pretty much nothing bothers him in an arena.  He also prefers a slower pace.  He has already proven himself a nice jumper too, and now has a USEF record at the 1.15M.

Titus at the Piedmont Jumper Classic, 9/27/19, 1.10M & 1.15M



Titus is so nice to flat that he could easily be a straight dressage horse as well.  He is currently working on perfecting second level dressage movements, and has made huge improvements in his flat work with just 3 dressage lessons.  Titus also attended Sharon White’s 4 day adult eventing camp in June at the training level (4th level), and she loved him! 

Titus has experience hunting in Ireland, and came second by one point in a prestigious National Eventing Discovery young event horse competition for 4 year olds at Millstreet in Ireland last year after only having been backed for a few months! He is quiet in an arena, and will carry his own consistent appropriate pace, but has a bit more “life” on an outside course.  Titus is safe enough for a child to ride, to be a husband horse, or to be used in hippotherapy, yet fancy enough for the most accomplished of professionals to campaign at their discipline of choice.  He is truly a one of a kind horse.

Titus was the only horse I rode in Ireland over 4 days’ time who did not cause pain in my injured hip.  He is very light in the bridle, goes in a loose ring snaffle, his gaits are all super smooth, and you don't even have to work to sit to his trot. He is also a super honest jumper who will take a serious joke.  All of these things are priceless for the adult amateur of the young rider looking to move up on a nice horse who will take care of him or her.  Many more pics and videos available on our Optimus Farm facebook business page.   Titus' price is in the mid to five figures.  

Titus showing in the High AA Jumpers at the Piedmont Jumper Classic


Titus showing in the M&S AA High Jumper Classic at 1.15M


1.10M Jumpers at the Piedmont Jumper Classic


Titus at his 1st USEF Recognized Show, Jumping 3'3"

Titus at the USEF Recognized MD Horse & Pony Show 9/13/19

1st time showing at 3'7" and 3'9"


9 y/o Child rides 5 y/o titus

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