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Loughnatousa Royal Flush


 "Buddy" is a 5 y/o 16 hand ½” Imported Irish Sport Horse Gelding, who arrived at my farm in Bluemont, VA ~ August 1.  Buddy is Chestnut in color with tons of chrome, is from the famous King of Diamonds line, and is a Traditional Irish Draught Sport Horse as he is by Clover Flush, an Irish Draught, and is out of a TB mare, Loughnatousa Flick.  For anyone who knew my super eventer Irish Draught mare who passed away last year, this horse is a relative of hers, and I have already identified a couple of similarities between the two of them.  He is quite special. Buddy has the heart and lungs of a Thoroughbred with the jump and brain of the Irish Draught. He was bred, raised and trained by the legendary Paul Beecher, winner of the Hickstead Derby.  Paul told me he had never jumped the horse over a water jump, and had not taught him lead changes, yet he jumped water on the first go for me, and did 100% of the lead changes I asked for when I tried him in Ireland.  

Aka "Buddy"


Buddy is so laid back that he did not need a lick of any kind of sedative to complete his 30 some x rays for his PPE, which was 100% clean without any issues whatsoever. Instead, he fell asleep on the cross ties! He was apparently given his name because he is everyone’s “buddy” and all people and horses like him.  He is sweet, loving, kind, honest, safe, wise beyond his years and level of education, and is well behaved at all times. He is forgiving of his rider, and even though he is green, he tries to do whatever is asked of him on the double.  He’ll go at whatever pace you want from him, be it a snail’s pace or with more zip.  He is an amateur’s dream! Buddy has been to 5 shows in Ireland, and has hunted a few times in Ireland as well.  Buddy could be successful in literally any discipline and could be shown at the 1M fence height, but I did jump him 1.10M in Ireland with total ease and room to spare.  Please PM for more info or go to Optimus Farm’s facebook business page to see plenty of video.   Buddy's price is in the mid five figures.

Buddy's 1st xc School of his life, 6/2019, with paul beecher

Video of tootie trying buddy in Ireland

Biggest Jumps He Had Ever Jumped to That Point in his Life

Video of start of tootie's trial ride on buddy in ireland

His First Time Over a Liverpool and First Time Ever Being Asked for a Lead Change