Sport Horse Evaluations

Tootie & Zoe Over an Open Airy Oxer XC at The American Eventing Championships (AEC's) 2014


Do you notice your horse behaving slightly differently lately and ignore the behaviors in the hopes they will go away? Subtle changes often indicate injuries which will only progress with time.  You can prevent minor problems from turning into major problems, therefore avoiding future expensive veterinary visits and diagnostic tests by becoming a client at our Sport Horse Evaluation Clinic.  

Jumping the Formidable Barn at the AEC's 2014

 With a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy, with experience in evaluating human gait every day, and with 38 years of riding experience, Tootie has a discriminatory eye for problems most equine professionals miss! She evaluates the horse, the rider (including rider injuries which can affect the horse's performance), and both together.  Tootie will also ride the horse to "feel" injuries which many people cannot "see".   She also does Pre-Purchase Evaluations for horse and rider suitability, so you won't waste money vetting a horse who is not right for you.   

Jumping the Very Large Trakehner at the AEC's 2014


Consultation may include anything you need to know about your current or prospective horse, including, but not limited to: determining possible areas of the horse's injury or limitations, exercises to improve his or her limitations, saddle fit, conformational analysis, discussion of best feed and supplements for the horse's needs, horse and rider suitability for each other, and how the rider's physical deficits and riding skill influence the horse's way of going as well as how the horse's way of going may influence or cause the rider to have a repetitive stress injury.   



Tootie & Zoe competing in the Dressage Phase at the AEC's 2014 and CO HP 2015