Optimus Farm
For All Your Sport Horse Needs and Physical Therapy for the Rider
Tootie's Physical Therapy efforts in 2013 helped Lisa Marie Fergusson of Canada to qualify for the long list for the World Equestrian Games and the Pan American Games in 2014 for 3 day eventing on 3 different horses:  Ferral Errol, Uni Sprite, and Honor Me!!!! This foundation also helped her to make the list of alternates for the 2016 Olympics on Honor Me! Congratulations to Lisa! (Printed with permission by LMF).

Optimus Farm is a full-service horse and physical therapy business offering a variety of different services.  For the horse, we have training, rehabilitation of Off the Track Thoroughbreds as well as formerly abused horses, sport specific exercises to aid the recovery of injured horses, showing, and sport horse evaluations (please see Sport Horse Evaluations page for more details).  For the rider, we have a sales matching service to find the best horse suited to your needs and capabilities, and physical therapy for riders who are injured and want to eliminate pain or who would like to improve their strength, range of motion, or fitness levels to better their riding.  With 37 years of experience with horses, and a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy, "Tootie" Anderson specializes in training problem horses and treating both physical and mental injuries in horses as well as riders.  Tootie has also been a columnist for the Equine Chronicle, a copywriter for Interact Media / Zerys Marketplace while writing about horse topics, and is a spokesperson for Farrier's Fix Hoof Oil and Forco Digestive Feed Supplement.  Tootie welcomes all horses and riders of English, Western, and Trail disciplines.  Our on site Physical Therapy clinic specializes in hands on "manual" Physical Therapy consisting of Muscle Energy Techniques, Joint Mobilizations, Mobilizations with Movement, Myofascial Release, Jones Strain /Counterstrain, and Semi-Custom Foot orthotics. 
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