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"Pancho" is a 2011 OTTB G 16.1 hh who has competed with excellent results in the 3' Jumpers and Beginner Novice Eventing with a professional in PA after his racing career in TX.  
SOLD to Taryn Parry 1/6/19

Loughnatousa Liatha


Loughnatousa Liatha:

"Liatha" is a 2012 16.1 1/2 hh Imported Irish Sport Horse mare who has had extensive foxhunting experience in Ireland (she can be in the front of the first field or the last horse in the 3rd field and is quite happy in either place), has competed in show jumping at 1M, and has schooled higher at home (including with me when I tried her, and 1.05 M was crazy easy for her).  This horse was started thoughtfully and carefully, and was not broke to ride until she was 4.5 years old.  She was turned out to grow after starting her under tack for a few months.  I purchased this mare from her breeder who is potentially the most knowledgeable horseman I have ever met.  She appears to be done growing and has been ridden on a consistent basis by an excellent professional, the breeder’s son, for about a year and a half now.  She is a beautiful dapple grey in color. She’s a lady on the ground and has lovely manners.  She is a powerhouse of a jumper and is ready to win at the jumpers or eventing.  She does not get tired and has the energy to go all day, but in a workwoman-like manner.  She has the Irish horse willing and smart brain with the TB heart and lungs.  She was not even puffing when I took her on a 1 hour 10 min hack up a mountain and through a forest in Ireland at a good clip. She was even very sure footed when trotting on slippery pavement when we had to do so to get out of the way of cars on a narrow and windy road! She is a very honest jumper and has a “what can I do for you” attitude all the time.  Breeder said that he felt that I could do a two star 3 day event pretty darn quickly with her.  You can set her on a cruise control speed of your choice and she just stays there until you tell her otherwise, for all different kinds of work, although she is very forward minded.  She is bred to the nines, is all class, is roughly 25-75% Irish Draught and TB.  She is by Clover Brigade who is by Clover Hill and is out of Loughnatousa Kismet, who is by a Northern Dancer (one of the best TB’s of all time) line.  This horse has killer conformation, is sturdy, and had a whistle clean PPE, and by whistle clean, I mean not a single blip on the radar whatsoever including on the x rays. I don’t think I have ever seen such a spotless PPE in my 37+ years with horses.  She has excellent feet! 

"Private Sale" took place on 3/9/19.

Celtic Thunder Novice Cross Country at Waredaca



Celtic Thunder:
"Fergus" is a 2014 model 16.1-1/2 hh, strikingly handsome Imported steel grey Irish Sport Horse gelding with a compact frame.  Suspect he may mature to 16.3 hands.  This horse is kid, husband, and beginner tested, and mother approved! Anyone can ride him! Fergus has had extensive experience foxhunting in Ireland and has competed in 2 schooling horse trials in the states here at the Novice level (at places which hold USEA recognized events), and came in 2nd and 4th.  He also competed in the USEA recognized MCTA horse trials during the monsoons of May 5, and despite being at a wonderful facility with staff who did everything they could to make the footing as nice as possible, the footing was the worst I have ever seen in my 38 years of competing, and this horse just kept on trucking.  He came in 4th, missing 3rd by 2/10 of a point, but if it weren’t for my error in the dressage test which cost us 2 points, he would have come in second, but he did come in second for the amateur riders, giving him a qualifying placing for the AEC’s during his first recognized event.  Novice is very very easy for this horse.  He is mentally and physically ready to move up to Training, but I choose to wait to move him up until he has grown some more so his young bones won't be stressed, which will help him to have a very lengthy career.  Fergus has also done several hunter trials in Ireland very well. 
In the 3 months or so that he has been in training with me since he has arrived at my farm in Bluemont, VA, he has shown incredible athleticism, and that he has a fabulous brain.  Before his first competition, he was cross country schooled twice, and dropped into water and did a sunken road on his first attempt at each, as well as preliminary level banks and single jumps.  During his 2nd xc school here, on 4/1/19, he was brought up to the edge of the highest bank into water without having passed through it or banking out of it first, and he dropped right into the water on the first go! His dressage continues to improve with every ride and as such he already scores in the low 30s during the dressage phase of a horse trial.  He could easily score better in dressage with another rider as I have a very bad hip which is awaiting surgery soon, and thus have a completely ineffective left leg. 
He always has a “what can I do for you today” attitude when under tack.  He has been ridden during seriously adverse conditions without ever having a care in the world.  He is super sure footed as well, and never slipped while going xc in atrocious footing without studs in his shoes on 4/20/19.  I can not say enough good things about this horse! This top quality horse is going to take me or someone else quite far in competition.  He had a whistle clean PPE including x rays, without a single blip on the radar, which is priceless! He is ready to rock and roll as an eventer, jumper, dressage horse or hunt horse.
SOLD to Roger and Susan Gendron on 6/19/19

Pancho Being Ridden at Optimus Farm


Tootie Trying Loughnatousa L in Ireland


Celtic Thunder Competing in Open Novice During a Serious Monsoon at MCTA


Fergus merged Videos

A Compilation of Fergus' Training During the Spring of 2019